Need help to find appropriate Windows driver for MT27600

Hello. I’m newbie in the networking. I have got following card which want to use with Windows 10:

Infiniband controller [0207]: Mellanox Technologies MT27600 [Connect-IB] [15b3:1011]

Subsystem: Mellanox Technologies Device [15b3:0062]

I tried to install WinOF (MLNX_VPI_WinOF-5_50_53000_All_Win2019_x64.exe) and WinOF-2 (MLNX_WinOF2-2_70_53000_All_x64.exe ) software but they are not contain drivers for my card. Also it is not clear which family the card belong to (I suppose that is ConnectX-3 ?)

And the second question. I’m planing to use the card to test my own hardware. Does it support for 10G/40G Ethernet or it limited to Infiniband only?

Thank you.

My fault. I read strings above several times and found that the card belongs to separate family “Connect-IB” which is not supported under Windows and do not support any Ethernet.

Yes, that is correct.