MLNX_WinOF_VPI 2.1.2 for Mellanox InfiniHost III Lx MHGS18-XTC - where to find this old driver?

I managed to get a few Mellanox InfiniHost III Lx MHGS18-XTC Rev. A5

I have a problem to view those card with ‘mst status’ command’. It says no device.

Because of that, I cannot check whether I am running the latest firmware.

I am using fresh Windows 7 x64 installation with WinOFED 3.1 drivers.

From my research, I assume that I need drivers from Mellanox version MLNX_WinOF_VPI 2.1.2.


I had to use MFT 2.7.2b as it was the last supporting those cards.

Indeed, you’d need first to use compatible Mellanox WinOF driver & firmware to have the InfiniHost 3 lx adapters work properly

  • Last supported driver for this adapter is WinOF v2.1.3
  • Last supported firmware for this adapter is fw_25204-1_2_000

Both releases are dated back to October 2010…so needles to mention that the adapter & sw are long ago EOL (End-Of-Life)…

However, regarding the proper fw - I can provide you the link to the fw fw_25204-1_2_000.

You’ll find it under: MHGS18-XTC, Rev A5, MT_03B0150002

  • as for the WinOF driver, I’m afraid it is no longer available within mellanox archive website (EOL) so maybe you can approach the adapters vendor/seller to check if they may still have the driver…?

With MFT 2.7.2b I have found out that I have already the latest firmware.

I have found MLNX_WinOF_VPI-2_1_3_win7_x64.msi on Supermicro FTP:

As well as MLNX_WinOF_VPI_2_1_2_win7_x64.msi at Mellanox website:

What is the difference between Mellanox WinOF and Win OFED drivers package?