Mellanox ConnectX-2 MNPA19-XTR 10Gb Card with unstable iperf3 values in Window

I am trying many possibilities, but the Mellanox ConnectX-2 MNPA19-XTR Ethernet Card is definitely not giving stable values in Windows 11 Device. From Debian Server to Windows 11 iper3 -c ip address I always get 9.86Gbit stable values while from Windows 11 Pro Workstation operating system to Debian Server I never get stable iperf -c values. Sometimes 96Megabit Sometimes 2gbit sometimes 2gbit sometimes 7 gbit sometimes 3gbit Why is this card so problematic under Windows 11? Which settings should I make in the Ethernet settings so that I can get stable values as in Linux.


Thanks for your question.

CX2 adapter is not supported anymore.
Please consider using one of supported products:

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