Windows Server 2012 R2 Problems

Server 2012 R2 preview version. Our setup has the Mellanox ConnectX3 EN Dual Port Ethernet adapters with firmware version of 2.11.500

Im creating LBFO team (evendynamic, hyper-v port or hash with static teaming) on a new Windows Server 2012

R2 OS installation without any roles or custom configurations. After restart of OS the teamed adapter disappears from Network Adapter Configuration. Inside Team Management its still persist but in faulty state and Faulted Not Found

reason for each adapter of the team. When I checked Device Manager Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Driver is installed but greyed out like the hardware is unplugged for example.

As workaround I can uncheck an adapter from the team, apply the configuration, recheck it apply configuration which cause to reconnect/install/plug the teamed adapter and it appears immediately and reconnects the port in healthy state. I can do this for each

port but once I restart the node again in goes in faulty state and the teamed adapter disappears.


I have downloaded these drivers and somehow I fixed the problem on one of my cluster nodes. The problem is that I cannot fix it in the same way on my second node Ill keep you updated

Unfortunately somehow I was able to fix the problem only on one of my nodes but I was not able to reproduce it on the second ?!

From Microsoft confirmed that the problem is because of the driver. Im with the latest firmware and driver.

Driver Version : 4.40.14223.0

Firmware Version : 2.11.500

Port Number : 1

Bus Type : PCI-E 5.0 Gbps x8

Link Speed : 10.0 Gbps/Full Duplex

Part Number : MCX312A-XCBT

Device Id : 4099

Revision Id : 0

Network Status : Disabled

Adapter Friendly Name : -

IPv4 Address : -

Adapter User Name : -

Here’s the analysis from Microsoft team:

““TeamCreationFromSCVMM2012R2” and “AfterReboot” have only two types of errors (for each team member):

  • Binding

    to member adapter


    failed. Status = -1073741661. Potential reason could be inadequate capabilities.

  • Creating

    internal binding between TeamNic {F4531B76-5884-4A5E-BF04-37A18864A0D3} and



    failed. Status = -1073741661

“RemoveAddNICFromTeam” has no errors in the log.

Thus,we can confirm that IM Platform is rejecting binding to these team members. The

status code of -1073741661 corresponds to STATUS_DEVICE_NOT_READY. Most likely,

the miniport driver has failed some OID with this status code (maybe packet

filters, offload parameters or something similar), but we don’t know for sure.

In short, we think the problem is

in the miniport driver, which is provided by Mellanox in this case. So

contacting Mellanox is the right next step.”