Compile without GPU?

Is it possible to set up the nvcc compiler to compile code on a machine that doesn’t have a GPU installed?

That is, the GPU cards are on the desktop machine, but I spend quite a bit of time away from them working on my notebook, which doesn’t have a GPU. It’d make my workflow much smoother if l could compile code on the notebook in order to check for syntax errors and such. Is there a good way to do it?

I do know about Ocelot, but haven’t managed to find comprehensible (to me, anyway) instructions for installing & using it on my system. (Which is SuSe Linux, BTW.)


PS: And wouldn’t it be nice if the search function would work on questions like these? Unfortunately, it seems to do an inclusive OR of all the words in the search term, which on a search like “compile without GPU” returns nearly every thread :-(

You jusy have to install the toolkit. It works perfectly without the device and driver. I do tht all the time.