Compiling ARMv7 32-bit architecture based library on Jetson TX1 with ARMv8 64-bit architecture [arrch64].

Hello everyone,

I have a camera SDK libraries that support only (ARMv7) from “alliedvision” which I need to compile and run on Jetson TX1 with arrch64. The company only support for the moment ARMv7 with 32-bit architecture. Could you please let me know any suggestions to compile this SDKs?

Library Download link:

Thanks in advance.

It doesn’t look like they make source code available, though I could be wrong there. the armhf could be ported if you have source code, but without that there isn’t much chance short of running in compatibility mode.

If all of their libraries and SDK are user space only (such as the libraries, but not kernel features or modules), then R23.2 might work (R23.2 is 64-bit ARMv8-a kernel space, but 32-bit armhf user space, and there is actually a 32-bit user space sample rootfs for R24.1 as well). Performance would not be good, and the older versions are not supported, but if you must use this SDK it is a possibility.