Compiling to PTX without visual studio?


We are investigating the idea of allowing customers/artists to write/modify small bits of code which will be inserted as callable-programs.

The firstissue from my understanding is that the NVCC compiler uses the Visual Studio cl.exe compiler? If so is there a potential way we can distribute the compiler or use a GCC alternative or the likes. Even better as we don’t need any of the host-code compilation is the a command line that doesn’t try and call cl.exe whcih would work in this case as the VC compiler is a bit redundant for what we are compiling…!?

Many thanks for any feedback or future developments that may assist in this area.

EDIT: p.s. I asked this same question almost 3 years ago and hope something is different now LLVM is used (

Sorry, Crog, you still need a host compiler to go from CUDA C to PTX. I know this has been something we’ve wanted for a while, but I’m not sure when exactly it will happen.