computer freeze running multiGPU

Hi, for some reason when I run the multiGPU sample project, my PC freezes, and I had to press the cold restart button everytime.
I am using Ubuntu 7.10 and two 8800GT.
I am using a 430W PSU, is it possible that the PSU is not powerful enough?
Help would be appreciated, thanks.

430W seems a bit on the low side. 550W would definitely be sufficient if you have the budget for an upgrade.

Which driver are you using?
Have you verified that you’re using the latest motherboard BIOS?
Does this reproduce if X isn’t running ?

I am using the latest I think it’s 177.67.
I ran it with X server stopped and it didn’t crash but it produced wrong result.
The simpleMultiGPU worked before, however after I downloaded another sample project from Nvidia website called multiGPU, compiled it and ran it and it froze my computer and after reboot even the simpleMultiGPU project wouldn’t work.

I also tried running multiGPU without x server and guess what, it worked and produced a PASS result, I think this multiGPU code I downloaded from Nvidia website changed something in my OS.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

It turned out to be a faulty graphics card.
I have one 16x PCI-E and one 4x PCI-E slots, will multiGPU work with two different kinds of CUDA capable cards?

Damn faulty video card.

Which brings me to another question, will different graphics cards work together?
My 2nd PCI express isn’t 16x but only 4x, so I wonder if that is gonna affect things.

It’s going to make your CPU-GPU I/O slower. Might want to check though, whether you don’t need at least 8x. I have a PCI 1x next to my PCI 16x. When I seemed to have fried my 9800GT - a CUDA kernel hung the system and after reboot the red channel was gone, leaving me with a barely readable mostly blue screen. I wanted to put a spare 8600GTS in, but couldn’t because the 9800GT blocks the 1x . However I found that after removing two add-on cards (TV-tuner and some media card) sitting next to the 9800GT, it was happy again, able to breathe more freely. The PS is 300W, which I guess is sort of underpowered for a 9800GT, but it does run fine.

ran the test on my 2 8800gts g92s and it passed
ubuntu 8.04-i386-desktop

I have been having similar problems. At one point I had a 9600, Tesla, and 280 running on the same machine.
Now, I have a 9600 and 2x 280; yet I am still having the occasional x-server freeze. Music keeps playing so I doubt it is a CPU problem.
Going to try the 177.73 driver later today…