Confused download link in offical L4T guide

in toolchain guide, there is a download link

I don’t know if the link is wrong, I download the tool in this link and it does not work,
I check the guide and I find it should not be I686, so I find the suitable link as

for X8_64_aarch64 and arm platform.

Please check it, thanks

and I have a question for this, if my host is x86 PC, the target platform is Xavier, which corss-compiler above should I use, aarch64 or arm?

I test on my PC, just use aarch64 can cross-compile arm64 target successful

For reference, all of the 64-bit Jetsons (including TX1, TX2, Xavier, and Nano) can be identified as any of arm64, aarch64, ARMv8-a.

Older 32-bit is not compatible, and typically these are the older 32-bit: ARM, armhf, arm32, ARMv7.

thanks a lot!

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