Connecting A5000 with NVSwitch


I have couple related questions to hardware, so I will combine them here:

  1. I have a DL server with 4 (four) A5000 in it. I have them connected with NVLink (2+2). I saw that DGX has the NVSwitch, which allows communication between all. I was wondering if this is possible to connect A5000 with NVSwitch? If yes, how do I do this?
  2. I’m about to purchase a new DL server and I want to pick optimal CPUs (AMD) for it. Is there a throughput table that I can look into in order to pick a correct CPU?


It is not possible. NVSwitch has to be designed into the server platform itself, it’s not something you can add later.

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Thanks, that what I thought about.

Do you have any info regarding to CPU matching for the GPUs?


No, I don’t really understand the question, so don’t have any response there.

Picking the CPU such that it won’t be a bottle neck. I saw that it should be at least 4 cores per GPU, but it sounds too little for IMO.