ConnectX IB Flash Recovery

Hi- is anyone able to shed any light on why this? Trying to configure ethernet over Infiniband and we have a ConnectX adapter showing as being in Flash Recovery mode:

lspci -v | grep Mellanox

07:00.0 Memory controller: Mellanox Technologies MT25408 [ConnectX IB Flash Recovery] (rev b0)

Subsystem: Mellanox Technologies MT25408 [ConnectX IB Flash Recovery]

Even trying to get the PSID of the card generates an error:

mstflint -d 07:00.0 -qq q

Warning: memory access to device 07:00.0 failed: No such device or address. Switching to PCI config access.

-E- Cannot open Device: 07:00.0. No such device or address MFE_NO_FLASH_DETECTED

Does this point to a general card failure? Can’t seem to find anymore info on the MFE_NO_FLASH_DETECTED error. Is there anyway to get the firmware on there?

try one of the following method

  1. Run " ibv_devinfo"

Try downloading latest mft tool from

After installation

a) run " mst start" ( to start tool)

b) run " mst status" ( to get the status of the installed cards) and use it in step 3

c) run " flint -d </dev/mst/mt4099_pci_cr0> -qq q

Hi: output to those commands as below:


No IB devices found

mst start

Starting MST (Mellanox Software Tools) driver set

Loading MST PCI module - Success

Loading MST PCI configuration module - Success

Create devices

Unloading MST PCI module (unused) - Success

mst status

MST modules:

MST PCI module is not loaded

MST PCI configuration module loaded

MST devices:

/dev/mst/mt401_pciconf0 - PCI configuration cycles access.

domain:bus:dev.fn=0000:07:00.0 addr.reg=88 data.reg=92

Chip revision is: B0

flint -d /dev/mst/mt401_pciconf0 -qq q

-E- Cannot open Device: /dev/mst/mt401_pciconf0. No such file or directory MFE_NO_FLASH_DETECTED

looks like your card is dead. try to run the mstflint with -d /dev/mst/mt401_pciconf0