ConnextX5 / tc flower - offload between ports on dual port NIC

We’re using dual port 25gbe NIC and have a need to pass traffic from the first port to the second port while making a small transformation of the packets (change vlan). We will use linux tc (on RHEL8) to do this.

Currently it works but it does not offload (does not indicate “in_hw”).

Is offload supported when moving packets between the two PFs on the same NIC or is each PF completely isolated, requiring a trip up to the host and back?

We are on MLNX_OFED_LINUX-5.8-
Adapter is on F/W 16.35.1012


NIC eSwitch device base on PCI bus, 2 PF can not share same eSwitch.

You also can check by “devlink dev show” " devlink dev eswitch show DEV"

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