Constant, high fps Isaac sim 2023

Hello, I am running a simulation where a robot drives and a custom writer is used to capture the robot’s camera view.

I’ve added a PhysicsScene object to my stage, set the Time Steps Per Second to 60, and subscribed an empty function (just for testing fps) to the physics step event like so:

self.sub = physx.get_physx_interface().subscribe_physics_step_events(self.simulate_hz)

after a simple check, it seems that the physics_step_event is triggered around 30 times per second.
it starts at about 20 and goes up over time to about 30.

To speed up the fps I simply change the Time Steps Per Second to 200 and now the fps rises towards about 80 fps and stops there.

This is a problem for our purpose. We need the simulation to run at a constant frame rate through out the entire simulation. I cannot use the main update loop as it is very low (but it is consitant).

Thank you