Convert-to-uff: command not found

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I’m trying to follow this tutorial: . I’m using the terminal window on this directory /usr/src/tensorrt/samples/python/end_to_end_tensorflow_mnist.
When I try to execute this command : 2. Convert the .pb file to .uff using the convert-to-uff utility: convert-to-uff models/lenet5.pb I get this error: convert_to_uff: command not found

How can i solve it?

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If you’ve already installed the uff python package, you should be able to do something like this in bash/linux:

UFF_PATH="$(python -c 'import uff; print(uff.__path__[0])')"
chmod +x ${UFF_PATH}/bin/
ln -sf ${UFF_PATH}/bin/ /usr/local/bin/convert-to-uff

Inside of our NGC containers, this is wrapped in a convenience script at /opt/tensorrt/python/

If you haven’t installed UFF, please do following the instructions here:

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Thanks, but know I have problems installing the NGC container du this error:

"–gpus" requires API version 1.40, but the Docker daemon API version is 1.39

I’ve tried to install the docker again, but stil have the docker server API version 1.39. Anything I can do to solve this problem?