Convert YUV422 to YUV420 for GPU decoding


I am using nVidia Video Codec SDK 12.1.14 SDK samples to decode live video stream. I am getting H265 video stream with pixel format YUV422. NVidia doesn’t support this format.

Is there any way that I am able to convert the stream after FFmpegDemuxer to YUV420 format. Infact before feeding the stream to nvDecoder I would like to convert it to the desired format of YUV422. Kindly help me finding any API or way out for this conversion as I am stuck with my video stream.

Note: input video stream format will not be changed. So I have to convert it using nVidia Video Codec SDK or FFmpeg.


Hi Sarah,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the chroma subsampling of an HEVC bitstream without decoding.

Best regards,