Converting TensorFlow model to tensorrt taking so long


I am using GitHub from

i want to try the tensorRT model since the normal model has long delay and bad fps.

when i convert the model to TensorRT framework, it tooks about 4 hour and it doesnt even finish correctly. The last message from runinng this command

python --weights ./checkpoints/ --quantize_mode float16 --output ./checkpoints/yolov4-trt-fp16-416

it’s “done converting tf trt”, but it doesnt finished there for 2 hours until i just stopped it manually.

I am using:
-Jetson Xavier NX Dev Kit
-TensorFlow 2.2.0
-TensorRT 7.1.3

is there something that i’m doing wrong?


Sorry that we are not familiar with the implementation.
But have you tried to run the comment with python3?
Since our TensorFlow package is only available with python3.