Correct cuda version for Nvidia Quadro P2000 for VS 2010

I’m installing CUDA for Visual Studio 2010. Device is NVIDIA Quadro P2000. I need to install correct cuda toolkit if it can work with VS 2010 and P2000 device.

Is it possible?

Recent error is on CUDA “A CUDA context was created on a GPU that is not currently debuggable”. Is this because it is used for display?

MSVC 2010 ceased to be a fully supported programming environment for CUDA quite some time ago. I have an older system with MSVS 2010 and CUDA 9.2 and that seems to work well. It supports the Pascal architecture. However, your expectation should be that NVIDIA did not fully test this combination and that there will be no support from NVIDIA if you find that something does not work. By default the CUDA compiler will tell you on every compile:

nvcc warning : nvcc support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and earlier has been deprecated and is no longer being maintained