Correct version of CUDA toolkit

Could someone tell me where to go to find out what is the appropriate version of CUDA toolkit to download/install for a GK104GL card (Quadro K4200) running on Ubuntu 20.04 Linux? I tried 11.5 but the install added video drivers that broke my video card drivers setup, currently running 470 which seems to work ok with my monitor etc. Thx. J

The K4200 is a Kepler Compute Capability 3.0 card and the last version of Cuda to support it, is 10.2.

The 470.XX series of drivers is the last one to support 3.0 also. The toolkit will probably ship with an earlier version, so skip the driver install step of the toolkit install.

Thanks for that. I’m nervous about this, installing new drivers has made the system unusable so many times. Will there be a clear question asking about whether or not to install video drivers when doing the cuda install? Also when used the nvidia site, it only had a version for Ubuntu 18.04, not the version I’m running which is 20.04. Is that likely to be a problem?

I’m not sure, as it was a while since I did it and there are different installer packages. Looking at the installation guide : ::
there are a few of options outlined. NOTE: the following applies to the runfile installation, not the distro package manager installer files

It looks like there’s an installer UI that should offer a choice of selecting the driver or not.

You could run the installer as a non root user and you will then be prompted for a root password at various points, one being the driver install

You could run the installer multiple times, using the silent advanced options: ::
to install the individual components except the driver.

You’d have to try it out. Nvidia only qualify an installation with the system versions listed in the docs - anything outside that may work…