counting non-coalesced accesses

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to count the number of non-coalesced accesses?


The visual profiler can give you that information.

I’m looking for that… There is gld coalesced and gst coalesced… what are those numbers?


global load coalesced (so the number of global memory reads that were coalesced), and global store coalesced (same thing put for writes). There should be uncoalesced versions of the same two counters too.

One compute capability 1.2 or greater, they are not available, but a different set of counters which shows counters for the requests and transactions are. This is because the newer cards can do “partial” coalesced access, rather than just coalesced or all serialized like in the older hardware.

Oh I see now, I had to click on “Show all columns”, There were no global uncoalesced accesses that is why they didn’t show up. Anyhow what is “cta launched,” I get big numbers on that