Covid-19 Alert System

Hi, I would like to show my project that I recently made using Jetson Nano. This project is my initiative as a solution to fight against Covid-19.

For the lockdown period, various rules and regulations are made by the government to cope up with Covid-19 and one of them was to maintain social distancing and avoid people gathering. Still, at some places, people disobey the rules by grouping when the authorities/police are not around.

Also, local authorities can’t present at places by 24×7. To ease their monitoring, one of the solutions could be to make a surveillance system that works 24×7 and alert whenever there are gatherings. This can be done with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). For example, surveillance cameras can be placed that will detect and count people. Also, if it detects more than the maximum number of people defined by police/ authorities, the system will alert. In this way, police can stop the gatherings.

This Alert system uses artificial intelligence and edge AI devices like Jetson Nano that monitors and counts the number of people passing by or standing in an area. It also Alerts with the sound when the camera detects more than the maximum number of people defined.

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Simple yet effective solution. Great!

Thank you @Josh_sen.