Counting people and Crime detection on public transport

I am new using this kind of technologies but I have a good project to be applied on public transport in my country. Currently I work with GPS and real time cameras to monitor public tranport security mainly. I think Jetson nano may be usefull to tackle at least two main objectives:

  1. Count people with high accuracy reporting counting on real time integrated with our mobile DVRs to record camera count actions and GPS to report counting +position. It’s important to make notice that many of vehicles that would use this solution are not typical big buses, but VAN vehicles so the range to detect a person coming aboard its an important point when try to count door heights are almost at the same distance from vehicles ceils.
  2. Guns or knifes detection and probably offender attack detection. This will trigger an alert like our panic buttons we use today. Those need to be action by drvers or passengers that today are not used very often. So trigger include to send alert by using a voltage directed to our current alert ports.
    I wonder if you may give me any clue how to start this project and if there are some material in there so not reinvent the weel. Thanks!
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You should be able to find more info from below:
Metropolis - Video Analytics & Applications | NVIDIA
NVIDIA DeepStream SDK | NVIDIA Developer

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