Crash with bindless textures inside the nvoglv64.dll driver

We have an application that uses bindless textures in conjunction with indirect rendering.

We aggregate multiple (mesh) models into a single buffer (for indirect rendering) and use bindless texture addresses stored in an array (SSBO) to look up index into the texture(s) of an instance of the model in the shaders.

We have a large number of models’ instances at a time & consequently the texture memory footprint is quite high (but not always near the limits of the vram)

We are consistently getting crashes with this. That is, until we disable the code to make the textures resident (all other things being the same (we store 0s in the addresses for the shader look up in that case, so the shader does not access invalid memory locations)

Any ideas/hints on how to debug/fix/handle this or somehow be warned that there is going to be crash or any other tips to debug what might be going on? We tried using debugging callbacks, etc, but didn’t find anything untoward.

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