Problem with driver 340 and shader buffer load extension


I’ve got a problem with the driver after 337.88 when I use bindless data in a shader that don’t use it.
I get a crash in glGetError which is called just after glLinkProgram.

The shader is (it’s a generated shader by a tool):

struct A

struct B

struct MyData
    A* data1;
    B* data2;

layout(location = 0) in  vec4 inColor;
layout(location = 0) out  vec4 outColor;
layout(location = 1) uniform MyData* data;
void main()
    A* pData1 = data->data1;
    B* pData2 = data->data2;
    outColor = inColor;

To be able to start reproducing this, could you please add the necessary system details required for bug reports?

Below is my standard display driver and GLSL bug report checklist.
Please fill in as much detail as applicable.

We normally need the following information to start analyses of bug reports.
(This is the general list and might not apply to all reports.)

  1. Operating system version and bitness.
    On Linux, an nvidia-bug-report.log generated by running as root.
  2. Graphics hardware.
  3. Graphics driver version.
  4. Display Control Panel settings for screen resolution, monitor configs, and driver settings.
    Under Windows: NVIDIA Control Panel -> Help -> System Information -> Save.
  5. Reproducer project.
    At least an executable which shows the problem. The simpler, the better.
    Make sure all necessary files to run this standalone are included (manifests, runtimes). Assume a clean test system!
    Source code in failing state highly appreciated.
    For GLSL compiler failures (C9999), the minimal set of shader sources reproducing the problem.
  6. Description of single steps to reproduce the problem.
  7. Description of the expected result (screenshots if possible).
    Performance issues require absolute measurement data and a description of how to reproduce them.
  8. If there is a crash in an NVIDIA module, the exact crash offset.

You can attach files to the forum with the paper clip icon which appears when hovering the mouse cursor over one of your submitted posts.

Thanks for answering.

  1. Windows 7 Pro SP1, 64 bits
  2. GeForce GTX 770
  3. 335.23
  4. In the zip file attached
  5. In the zip file attached
  6. In the two shaders, there's a commented define NO_CRASH_COMPILATION, uncommented it with 337.88 drivers and it will crash.
  7. With 335.23 drivers the two version (commented and uncommented) compile and link just fine

TestDriver.7z (14.3 KB)

Thanks a lot!
I filed a bug report with your information for the OpenGL driver team to look at it.

Any news?

Yes, the bug has been fixed internally beginning of December, but I can’t see from the bugreport information which driver releases finally receive(d) the fix after integration. I can only recommend to retest with newer driver versions at this time.


I’ve tried the last driver (347.09), the problem is still there. Do you have any idea a patch will be available?


The bug is solved with the last version of the driver (352.86), thanks :).