Bug report: crash in glCompileShader if using #pragma

After installing the new driver (even though I thought the settings would be preserved) good man Mr. Optimus decided it’s Intels turn to serve the graphics. And this bug might actually be in a driver, but it’s not the NVIDIA driver. Sorry for the inconvenience. I think this topic can be closed/deleted.


I apologize if this is not in fact a driver problem, but it seems, that after updating the graphics drivers for my 750M (to 373.06, win10, 64bit) some of my generated shaders made glCompileShader crash. I managed to find a minimal example:

#version 330 core

#pragma x x x/x/x/x.x

out vec4 fragColor;
void main() {
    fragColor = vec4(1.0);

Originally the "x"s were all longer strings (the end is a path). It seems if I remove any space or slash or dot the shader compiles successfully (good fortune hitting that specific combo, I guess). Adding “/x” in the path also leaves the program crashing. So this is the minimal string (of course the x can be replaced with other characters - I tested with a and b as well) that results in a crash. My minimal test program for this can be found here: http://pastebin.com/nqfDAdXP just in case that I somehow messed something else up (I don’t think so considering the dependence on the specific string after pragma). Afaik according to spec the driver should ignore all unknown pragmas.

This oddly specific pattern has me intrigued and cost me quite some time to find. In case this is a driver bug, I would love to know what was the cause of this.