Create Joints would crash when using PVD

Dear Everybody,

I am using vs2012+physics3.3.2+pvd2.01.

A simple box falling program works fine with my program, I could see the animation from pvd. However, when I just want to link two objects with a joint(whatever kinds of joints it is). The program builds well, but would crash if the PVD is connected. If I didn’t open the PVD, the program will go through.

The error message from the debugger is …\PhysXVisualDebuggerSDK\PvdDataStream.cpp(504): Assertion failed: success.

use breakpoint to debug, the crash seems accured here:
PvdError createInstance( const TDataType* inst )
return createInstance( getPvdNamespacedNameForType(), inst );

My programm is also quite simple as follows:
// Create Fix Joint
PxVec3 pos = PxVec3(0, 5, 3); // position of static actor
PxVec3 posDyn = PxVec3(0, 3, 0); // position of dynamic actor
PxVec3 offset = PxVec3(0,1,0); // Offset of connected actor from joint
//creating actors
PxRigidActor* staticActor = PxCreateStatic(*gPhysicsSDK, PxTransform(pos), PxSphereGeometry(0.5f), mMaterial);
connectedActor = PxCreateDynamic(*gPhysicsSDK, PxTransform(posDyn), PxBoxGeometry(0.5,0.5,2), *mMaterial, 1.0f);
//adding actors to scene
distanceJoint = PxDistanceJointCreate(*gPhysicsSDK, staticActor, PxTransform(offset), connectedActor, PxTransform(-offset));

Would anybody help me about this problem?


Are there any help?

Sorry for the delay, I will try to reproduce the problem and pass it to the engineer responsible for PVD.

I have the exact same problem, using unconnected boxes is fine but as soon as I use any type of joint it gives the same assertion error.

using vs2013+ physx 3.3.2 + pvd 2.0100.09.14356

I have the same problem, simple scene works (also with pvd), but when I use joint app crash (assertion failed, PvdDataStream.cpp (504) ), without pvd app works normal

vs2010, physx 3.3.2, pvd 2.0100.09.14356, my app is 32bit

Just tested right now - 3.3.0 work without problem even with PVD

I have the same assertion fault with physx 3.3.2 VS2010, and PVD.

Addition of joints is also the cause of this error message.

Running on windows 7 64Bits and 32Gb of RAM if it is any help.

I am also wondering if it affects the profiling tools of PVD? Because I can’t seem to get the thread usage to move even with a 5000 cube stress test.

Installing 3.3.0 to test.

Any news?

I’ve the same issue on Windows10, latest PhysX 3.3.3 and PVD from GIT, Visual Studio 2012, application compiled with x64 debug

EDIT: it seems that clicking few times “ignore” on assertion dialog boxes enable to run the program. A problematic joint exists in scene, but is not visualized in PVD.

Same issue. Running windows 10, physx 3.3.3 and PVD. Seems when I step into the create joint function it leads me to PvdConnection.cpp which fails during the createInstance function during this check

Option cls( mMetaData.findClass( clsName ) );
if ( cls.hasValue() == false ) return false;

hasValue returns false.

Same issue : PxDistanceJointCreate, Windows 10, physx 3.3.3. VS2015 x64Debug, PVD 3.2016.04.20614672, also with PVD 2.0100.09.14356
Debug Assertion Failed in PvdDataStream.cpp Line: 487

No problem with PxDistanceJointCreate if PVD not runing.

Any help ?

Solution is to use PxInitExtensions right after PxCreatePhysics:

gPhysics = PxCreatePhysics(PX_PHYSICS_VERSION, *gFoundation, PxTolerancesScale(),true,profileZoneManager);
	gPhysics->getVisualDebugger()->setVisualDebuggerFlag(PxVisualDebuggerFlag::eTRANSMIT_CONTACTS, true);
	gPhysics->getVisualDebugger()->setVisualDebuggerFlag(PxVisualDebuggerFlag::eTRANSMIT_SCENEQUERIES, true);
	gConnection = PxVisualDebuggerExt::createConnection(gPhysics->getPvdConnectionManager(), PVD_HOST, 5425, 10);

Forgot to initialize


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