Simple PhysX 3.2 application crashes when call PxCreatePhysics

I have this simple code I’m trying to run in order to learn how PhysX works, but it is crashing in the call to PxCreatePhysics.

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

#include <PxPhysicsAPI.h>
#include <extensions/PxDefaultErrorCallback.h>
#include <extensions/PxDefaultAllocator.h>

const int WINDOW_WIDTH=1024;
const int WINDOW_HEIGHT=768;

physx::PxFoundation* gFoundation = nullptr;
physx::PxPhysics* gPhysics = nullptr;
physx::PxProfileZoneManager* gProfileZoneManager = nullptr;
physx::PxDefaultErrorCallback gDefaultErrorCallback;
physx::PxDefaultAllocator gDefaultAllocatorCallback;

void check(void* p, const std::string& message)
	if(p == nullptr)
		std::cout << message << std::endl;

void initPhysX()
	gFoundation = PxCreateFoundation(PX_PHYSICS_VERSION, gDefaultAllocatorCallback, gDefaultErrorCallback);	

	check(gFoundation, "PxCreateFoundation Failed");

	gProfileZoneManager = &physx::PxProfileZoneManager::createProfileZoneManager(gFoundation);

	check(gProfileZoneManager, "PxProfileZoneManager::createProfileZoneManager failed");

	bool recordMemoryAllocations = true;
	gPhysics = PxCreatePhysics(PX_PHYSICS_VERSION, *gFoundation, physx::PxTolerancesScale(), recordMemoryAllocations, gProfileZoneManager);

	check(gPhysics, "PxCreatePhysics failed");

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
	std::cout << "Hello PhysX" << std::endl;	



I’m using Visual Studio 2010. I don’t know what is wrong since the samples run just fine.

Check this tutorial

You check the PhysX warning messages on your console as well.