Creating camera sensors for doing RL

Hello there. I’m trying to migrate from Isaac Gym Preview Release. What’s the equivalent of the camera sensors that we could attach to rigid bodies and retrieve tensors from?

I have walked through the tutorial but remain confused about how to programmatically do it. Same for other types of sensors.

Is it through If yes, what’s the proper way to get the image tensors then?

Hi @user111269

As far as I know, there is not a tensor API available to get images from cameras in parallel for RL in the current version of Omniverse Isaac Gym…

The following GTC talk (September/2022) shows information about cameras for future releases of Omniverse Isaac Sim/Gym
Leveraging Simulation Tools to Develop AI-Based Robots [A41267] (starting at 29:35)

Hi there,

We do not currently have a tensor API for retrieving camera sensor data or other types of sensors. We will be adding this feature in future releases.

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