CSI Camera not working on custom carrier board


We have an AlliedVision CSI-2 camera : Alvium 1800 C 1620

It works fine on NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Dev Kit, using AlliedVision adapter board.

But, in our custom board, the power LED of the camera is turned on during Jetson Power Up. When boot completed, the LED turns off, and no /dev/video0 device.
Our hardware design is similar to

JetPack version: 4.6.1
Camera driver installed from allied vision github page, for 4.6.1.

Even without driver, the LED on camera is continuously turned on when using DevKit.
But when using our custom board, the LED is only on during boot time.

Output of dmesg | grep imx: nothing.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Sorry for that.

The issue was due to a loose connection. (Broken solder in some pins of FPC connector)

On JetPack 4.6.1, the AlliedVision CSI-2 driver version 4.0.0 works fine, both on DevKit and custom carrier board.

On JetPack 4.5.1, the AlliedVision CSI-2 driver version 2.1.0 works fine, both on DevKit and custom carrier board.

All thing that is needed, is to download the related .tar.gz file (according to JetPack version, and Jetson board model), extract it in Jetson using tar -xvzf, and run the bash script install.sh.


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Glad to know issue resolved, thanks for the sharing!

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We are experiencing a very similar issue, that is why I wanted to post here. We are using Leopard Imaging GMSL board with our XAVIER, and although we successfully followed instructions to install the driver etc., we were unable to start cameras. The board receives power at boot sequence and then the LED turns off once the boot has finished. Do you think it is a hardware related problem? Any ideas?


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