CSI Camera ribbon holder replacement

Apologies for asking this question here, but I could not find any other forum on Internet to initiate this.

Where can I order a CSI ribbon holder for Jetson Orin Nano.
I broke mine accidentally and will like to get it repaired. See the attached image.

It doesn’t look like a component of Jetson Orin Nano Developer kit. Are you using the DevKit? Anyway, as long as you can know the part number, you can order it from a distributor.

I think its Developer Kit. At least that’s what the outer box says (I got it from Amazon).
Part number on the box is – 945-13766-0000-000

Have a check with 545482272 of MOLEX
545482272.pdf (363.7 KB)
There are a lot of distributors that will sell it.

Thanks for the link. I placed an order.

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