Cuda 11.1 is not installing on aws linux ubantu 20.04 machine

I have tesla v100 gpu on aws linux ubantu 20.04 machine. I was installing cuda 11.1 easily without any error few days back, but from last weeks its not going to install cuda. i was installing it using 1st two methods not none of the working- i tried it on 3 different aws machines.

tried 3 methods which is mentioned on nvidia-installation guide.
1.runfile(local) -Notworking - im getting please cuda installer.log

inside that there is nothing

2-deb(local) -not working
3-deb (network)- worked but its installing cuda 11.4 automatically.

im looking for cuda 11.1 version, can someone please guide me what is the problem? & how can i solve this issue? Thanks in advance.