Cuda 2.3 and GTX 570 support for fermi in cuda 2.3

I switched from NVIDIA 9800 GTS to GTX 570 card in a machine running Ubuntu (9. 04). It had cuda 2.3 and devdriver 190 installed in it. I upgraded the devdriver to 260 since GTX 570 required that. But i retained cuda2.3

When I tried to run one of the sample programs (smokeParticles) from cuda sdk, it threw a run time error
cudaSafeCall() Runtime API error in file <GpuArray.h>, line 245 : unspecified launch failure.. It looked like some memory access error.

However I was able to run other sample programs like fluidGL.

Is it like fermi is not supported by cuda2.3? If the initial release of cuda 2.3 didn’t support fermi is there an updated version of cuda2.3?


AFAIR only Cuda 3.0 or higher supports Fermi. You might have success though if you compile to PTX instead of cubin, so that the actual compilation is done by the driver.