Cuda & 3d max 3d desing

Hi people.

I have a big dude. Cuda can empower to 3d max?¡

the theme is i need know if cuda can help in this topic.

i have a evga geforce gtx 275 and i need to optimize the 3d max using the GPu. can do it?

i need are:

*More power in rendering
*more power pick up scenes with many polygons
*Use illumination with mental ray and indirect illumination and raytracing.

My hardware is:

*Amd phenom II x2 940Be @ 3.6ghz
MObo asus m3a79 t deluxe

  • Ram 4gb
    *psu corsair 750watts
    *vga evga geforce gtx 275

Pd: excuse me for my bad english

Regards from colombia-.

Somebody help me¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Dude, you gotta chill.

CUDA is a proprietary API. API stands for Application Programming Interface. Unless you’re willing to write your own filters and renderers, there’s nothing we can do for you.

Also, please search for an answer before posting:

Either you’ll need to write your own plugins for 3D Studio Max, or wait until they release a GPU-accelerated version of their application. CUDA doesn’t just automatically speed up a program, parts of the application need to be written specifically to take advantage of the GPU.

thanks Bro…

only have to wait? Just CuDa encoded video that was faster and certain types of people used to make previews…

then I shall turn to 3d max forums …

Thanks for the complete info…