CUDA AND 3DMAX IRAY RENDERER Engine How To Use And Active Cuda In IRAY 3Dmax 2012 Renderer

hi all ,

im one of the huge nvidia graphic card users in the word who wish use Cuda in 3d tools like 3dsmax !

in last of 2010 and start of 2011 nvidia put the video , how to use gpu in 3d studio max for fast rendering with cuda !

now after released 3dsmax 2012 and IRAY renderer engine many of 3dmax users with nvidia cards very interesting makes the outputs in 3dmax with Iray And Cuda Fastest than ever !

i this topic created for any information about Cuda and help to people wants use cuda in 3d studio max specialy 3d studio max 2012 with Iray engine .

targets we hopes following and our goals in this topic :

  • how we can use cuda in 3d max ?

  • whats essential application for activate the cuda in my graphic card !

  • witch models of graphic cards suitable for using cuda or have cuda core !

  • is gtx400 and 500 series good for using cuda in 3dmax and Iray ?

  • how much faster QUADRO FX series in compare gtx cards in using cuda !

  • is there any driver for using cuda like usual nvidia drivers or we need something else !

  • bugs and crashes in using Cuda when run Iray renderer in 3dmax !

  • is windows 7 compatible and working fine with cuda ?

  • other windows 7 applications and tools using to cuda ability !

i hope this topic be helpful .

thanks nvidia and nvidia forum .