cuda 4.1 configuration in visual studio 2013

Hello everyone,
I got visual studio 2013 and wish to do cuda c programming using the same. I am trying to add cuda configuration files to vs2013. I went through a document demonstrating the process using VS2012. According to the document, " C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\BuildCustomizations" should contain the required file. I could follow until the folder “v4.0”, but inside it there was another folder named “V120” and inside that folder I found the folder BuildCustomization. Inside BuildCustomization, I found the following files
Could anybody tell me whether I am on right path and which one of the above files is the proper one.

Thanks in advance

VS 2013 is not an officially supported environment for cuda at this time. The officially supported environments for CUDA 6 are listed here:

If you have VS2012 or its toolchain also installed, you may be able to use that toolchain within VS2013:

thanks txbob…
but is there anybody who use VS 2008 for cuda 4.1 ? I am not yet able to configure VS 2008 for cuda 4.1. If somebody could take me through the steps, it would be so generous.