CUDA 6.5?

Has anyone tried running OptiX 3.6.2 on the new CUDA 6.5 production release? Should I install the new CUDA version now or wait for the next OptiX release?

I attempted this when debugging my earlier issue with callable programs. Everything built, but when I tried to run it I got an error that I was building with a newer version of nvcc than Optix was built with. I guess you can try and somehow set nvcc to build with the earlier version. However I think it may be best to just Optix release note that says it is recommended using the same CUDA version that Optix was built with.

Since I had that issue plus broken callable programs I just migrated to CUDA 5.5 and Optix 3.5.1 instead.

CUDA 6.5 will be supported in OptiX 3.7, which will be released in about December.

Are there any news about the release date for OptiX 3.7. Just because we are in december right now and I really need the CUDA 6.5 support…
Hope it will be soon.

Yes I’d like to know too!

OptiX 3.7 was just released. It’s a very stable beta right now. Thanks for your patience.