CUDA 9.1 cannot install due to failed Visual Studio Integration

good to hear that revo uninstaller indeed helped to clean what nvidia couldnt

then for the remaining issue, i cannot help you, but i hope you find a satisfying solution (it is always possible to format windows 10 and try again, maybe that will fix your issue, did you try that ?)
(format or test on another windows partition

And, finally, requesting an internet repair of VS2013 (actually, Visual Studio Professional 2013, so VSP2013 would be better) from the Windows 10 Apps & Features dialog got the bandwidthTest and matrixMul to build with the default SDK settings in the CUDA 10.0 solutions. And just about anything else I’ve sampled is building and running.

The “repair” suggested from the second answer on this page; “internet” is a dialog option in the “repair” dialog - since things seemed to be missing, it seemed like a good choice:

REVO PORTABLE is certainly on my purchase list.

So we’re all good now.

PS: it seems like each solution takes about 60 seconds to get started, then builds successfully. Suspect that the internet repair turned on some “phone-home” feature in VSP2013. Not happy…

PPS: Yeah, re-installing Windows - four days out of my life I will never get back, and that I will never look back on fondly, even if it worked.

PPPS: I’m thinking there is an Ubuntu in my laptop’s future…

if you want help on how to install cuda, cudnn, etc, for ubuntu, i’ll be happy to help you, it’s just so easy (one command line + easy post-install)