CUDA 9.2: "NVIDIA Installer Failed"

I’ve spent a couple days iterating over all possible installation combinations of Visual Studio 2017 and CUDA and looking over Google search results. Needless to say, I am quite frustrated at this point.

Can someone please post explicit, detailed instructions on how to get CUDA (any version) to work? I tried every possible combination of the following Visual Studio and CUDA version installations but all failed to install with the error “NVIDIA Installer Failed” in bold red on the last step.

Visual Studio Community 2017: 15.7.2
VC++ 2017 version 15.4 v14.11 toolset + VC++ 2017 version 15.4 v14.14 latest v141 tools
VC++ 2017 version 15.6 v.14.13 toolset

CUDA version:

When opening the CUDA .exe installers, I am only choosing to install the CUDA related components. My graphics card is CUDA compatible; it is a GTX 1070. I am running 64-bit Windows 10. Please let me know if you need more info.

I’m also having the same problem, Nsight integration fails. I followed the link the moderator provided and used the method of oregonduckman to completely remove every single element of Nvidia software and components, but it did not work, Nsight integration fails to install, even when installed using a separate installer download.

What is going on over at Nvidia? This is basic stuff to screw up.

it works , view @oregonduckman’s reply in the link given by moderator , deselect “VS integration”

installing CUDA 9.2 with VS2017 integration worked for me this way:

1) extract cuda_9.2.88_win10.exe to a folder

2) in \CUDAVisualStudioIntegration edit CUDAVisualStudioIntegration.nvi

and delete lines 88 to 111:

<custom phase="handleExistingNsight" action="HandleExistingNsight"/>
		<custom phase="detectDisableCallHome" action="DetectDisableCallHome"/>
		<msi platform="x86" phase="NsightMSINoTraffic" name="${{NsightMSI}}" condition="NsightMSIActionActiveAndNoTraffic" installText="Installing Nsight Visual Studio Edition">
			<arg name="CUDAINSTALLER" value="true"/>
			<arg name="DISABLE_NV_CH" value="1"/>
		<msi platform="x86" phase="NsightMSITraffic" name="${{NsightMSI}}" condition="NsightMSIActionActiveAndTraffic" installText="Installing Nsight Visual Studio Edition">
			<arg name="CUDAINSTALLER" value="true"/>
			<arg name="DISABLE_NV_CH" value="0"/>
		<confirm phase="Confirm-install" when="install" condition="NsightMSIActionActive">
			<fileExists target="${{CommonAppData}}\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight\Nsight_${{nsightVersion}}_InstallSummary.xml"/>
		<standard phase="copytemp" condition="NsightMSIActionActive">
            <copyFile source="NVIDIA_Nsight_Visual_Studio_Edition_Win64_5.6.0.18099.msi" target="${{CommonAppData}}\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight\NVIDIA_Nsight_Visual_Studio_Edition_Win64_5.6.0.18099.msi" />

		<standard phase="createStartMenuStortcuts" condition="NsightMSIActionActive">
			<createShortcutGroup location="startMenu" linkGroup="${{NsightProgramGroup}}"/>
			<createShortcutLink location="startMenu" targetPath="${{CommonAppData}}\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight\NVIDIA_Nsight_Visual_Studio_Edition_Win64_5.6.0.18099.msi" linkGroup="${{NsightProgramGroup}}" linkName="Nsight Redistributable"/>
		<custom phase="ParseWarningPage" action="ReadWarningPage" condition="NsightMSIActionActive"/>

    <msi platform="x86" phase="NVTXMSI" name="${{NVTXMSI}}" installText="Installing NVTX"/>

(would normally install Nsight & NVTX)

3) run the setup with VS integration (should work now)

4) from \CUDAVisualStudioIntegration then manually install:
NVIDIA NVTX Installer.x86_64.Release.v1.21018621.Win64.msi

5) as sshinderman mentioned edit C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v9.2\include\crt\host_config.h and change line 131 from

#if _MSC_VER < 1600 || _MSC_VER > 1913


#if _MSC_VER < 1600

all samples compiled successful :)

thanks to @stuwph , its really help on this

and , my “host_config.h” located at &installedPATH/include/crt

these work for my machine, thanks for the help. :)

The install seemed to work. Can you please clarify what you mean by:

  1. from \CUDAVisualStudioIntegration then manually install:
    NVIDIA NVTX Installer.x86_64.Release.v1.21018621.Win64.msi

I found both files in the extracted folder, \cuda_9.2.88_win10\CUDAVisualStudioIntegration, but where do I copy them to?

Thanks a ton @stuwph. It worked for me. This solution is the best so far, because it requires neither a full system reinstall nor the use of 3rd party system cleaning tools.

FYI After I made the CUDAVisualStudioIntegration.nvi changes I needed to make the file read only.

So basically the VS integration with 9.2 doesn’t work ? :( 9.2 installation succeeds if you uncheck “VS integration”

just doubleclick to install

Thank you very much “stuwph”. I had the same problem about installation and now it’s ok.

Manually installing an MSI file is easy in Windows, just double click on it, or right-click and ‘Install’.

I have been trying to install cuda toolkit for past 3 days and have tried almost every method on internet and only this one really worked for me. Thanks a lot. JazakAllah!