failed to install CUDA9.2.148 on [ windows 7/10 + vs2010/vs2015 ]

hi, i wanted to debug my cuda kernel on visual studio(i have vs2010 & vs2015), then i found it’s impossible to use NSight, probably because the verison of the integrated NSight(4.0) is too low for my gpu(gtx1070). So i planned to install cuda9.2.148 & nsight5.6 on my windows. i failed too many times, please help me.

Here are what i have tried after the first failure:

  1. uninstall all about nvidia or cuda…restart.
  2. in Everything, search anything that has “nvidia” or “cuda” in its name, find some residual files, then manually clear them…restart.
  3. follow suggestion by @oregonduckman( ), change driver into standard VGA… restart.
  4. install, WHATEVER i uncheck visual studio integration, return failures including no compiler installed.

HOWEVER, i also tried the same installation steps on CUDA 8.0.61, and it succeeded ( although not perfectly, but i can build Samples on both vs2010 and vs2015 ).

  1. tried same steps on win10, and this time, almost perfect with CUDA8.0.61, failed with 9.2.148.