VS2017 & VS 2015 Cuda installation fail.


I am trying for over 2 months to get a stable-ish installation of VS 2017 and CUDA 9.1/9/0.
I have access to more versions of VS if needed down to 2013.

So far the cuda installer fails at the visual studio integration step.
The installer runs fine with that step unchecked.
Nsight 5.5 installs ok.

I just want to be able to open a simple sample and see that it work so I can get back to my project.

So far brand new install of VS2017 15,6,2 and trying to get CUDA 9.1 in it.
I also installed back VS 2015 to try and get that back but installer still fails.

Can anyone tell me how they got their installation to work?

Thank you!

for VS 2017, 15.4 toolchain is the one that people have some success with. 15.5 and 15.6 don’t work on CUDA 9.1

lots of threads about this in this forum group if you care to look around.