CUDA 9.2 is out


I have just noticed that CUDA 9.2 is finally there.

Support for VS 2017 Update 6 and GCC 7.

What a relieve :)

But does it actually work with Visual Studio 15.7.1?

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I assume guys at Nvidia targeted the support of the current VS 2017 version at the time of developing 9.2. How could they implement support for a VS release that did not even exist?

It would be great if MS and Nvidia would work together here, but this is quite a lot to ask I guess.

Nope doesn’t work unfortunately. The samples won’t compile with VS2017 15.7.1.

I thought M$ did pre-release builds of VS2017?

Actually hacking around the _MSC_VER check with 15.7.1 has made the samples I have checked work so far… (15.7 was supposed to be a minor VS2017 update).

Of course I don’t trust it and cue all the “it’s not supported” comments.

I cannot install it, the download part fails saying there is a network problem with Nvidia–needless to say my Internet is fine. I do disable the graphics driver installation as I have a later driver.

EDIT: The exact message: unable to contact NVIDIA, please try again later–retried now with default express installation.

“NVIDIA Installer failed” on Cuda 9.2 installation attempt (express). Running on windows 10, with driver 397.93 pre-installed. Installer also can’t detect the VS2017 installation.

I had to fight with a regression in the CUDA driver in CUDA 8.0. I had to fight with a CUDA library regression in CUDA 9.1 (plus VS 2017 integration). Now, with CUDA 9.2 I cannot even install it… That really saves me a lot of time. Thanks!