CUDA support for Visual Studio 2017 when?

When can we expect CUDA 9.0 runtime/nSight 5.4 support for Visual Studio 2017 v15.4.0 (the current version)?

I understand there is an issue here, as Robert Crovella posted on Sept 9:

“Microsoft released VS 2017 Update 3 (15.3) on 8/14/2017, right after CUDA 9 RC was published. Unfortunately, this update results in an incompatibility with CUDA 9 RC. NVIDIA expects that the CUDA 9 GA (future) release will address this particular incompatibility.”

Can NVidia give any time frame for this fix? Some of us must use VS2017.

Forward looking statements are not usually made in the context of these forums. Questions asking about future product delivery schedules generally go unanswered (at least by NVIDIA personnel).

Future CUDA releases will likely add support for newer versions of VS, simply based on observing historical CUDA release behavior.