Visual Studio 2017 Support

Part of the instructions state to set up Visual Studio, but only versions up to 2015 are supported. All of the microsoft download links are to 2017 versions of Visual Studio. Is support for Visual Studio 2017 planned, or must I use 2015 or earlier? Should I wait for 2017 support or should I try to find a way to install an older supported version?

Cuda 8.0.61 (along with NSight 5.2) does NOT support Visual Studio 2017. You must install Visual Studio 2015 to be able to use them.
You will have to wait for Cuda 9 (and likely NSight 5.3) to be released to support Visual Studio 2017. I am not aware of any release date for Cuda 9 though.

Please see this post for a link to Visual Studio 2015 from M$ that will work with CUDA: