Cuda 7.5 and Visual Studio 2015

Will Visual Studio 2015 be supported in the Cuda 7.5 RTM?

In the NVIDIA CUDA INSTALLATION GUIDE FOR MICROSOFT WINDOWS document for Cuda 7.5 printed on May 2015 it is not listing Visual Studio 2015 but it was not yet released. Is there any plan to support it in 7.5? Will it be supported in a future version instead?



+1 We need VS 2015 integration.

I am too waiting for VS 2015 integration.

By the way, will there be a way to integrate CUDA into a DirectX 12 application ?


I install CUDA 7.5 yesterday, and bumb…I cannot compile the sample projects because I do not have VS 2013 or any older version of VS installed…I only have VS 2015 community.

I think you guys should put VS 2015 support to a higher priority. I saw, in this forum, that people has been complaining about this since May, and I can’t believe generating a new solution file could take 3 months.


Same here… can’t compile my code because i’m working in VS2015 :(

It has been like that forever - support for a particular visual studio version comes when Microsoft pushes out new visual release.

Has this been resolved?

I am moving from Mac OSX to Windows 10 to develop on CUDA. Seems weird that I can’t use the compiler because it’s not recognizing Visual Studio 2015.

What is the workaround?

Use the supported tools?

The CUDA toolchain integrates tightly with each of the supported host toolchains, and therefore the adjustments and testing that are required to integrate with a new version of MSVS in particular are significantly more extensive than tweaking solution files.

Is there an ETA? I’m wondering why Nvidia is so slow to support new version of Visual Studio.
Visual Studio 2015 was in preview for a long time before official release.

If you look at the historical record, you will find that NVIDIA does not comment on such matters. By reasonably intelligent speculation one could conclude that support for MSVC 2015 will be added in the next released version of CUDA, and that this release is likely to occur around April of 2016.

As to why NVIDIA is not immediately jumping on every new version of MSVC, gcc, or clang, one could speculate that doing so would increase their cost while not providing any additional revenue in return.

“If you look at the historical record, you will find that NVIDIA does not comment on such matters.”.

This is perfectly OK, but I believe that it would save much time if the download page mentioned WHAT the current version expects! The installer issues some messages, which I find rather imperfect, such as:

If you don’t install MSV Studio, then /something/ will not work.
The installer couldn’t find a usable Studio.

WHAT will not work? WHICH versions are good? I had 14.0 (Studio '15, Community), and two versions of Express. Nothing worked.

The life with several incompatible versions of Visual Studio is difficult. The message “missing vcvarsall.bat” or similar, has annoyed many people. Yes, we are given some good quality software for free, and we should be grateful and polite. But we might humbly ask that such details as detailed system requirements, and “missing something” diagnoses be more explicit.

The detailed requirements are contained in the installation guide:

Note that this guide is linked from the windows download page. Look for this text (and embedded links):

“For further information, see the Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows and the CUDA Quick Start Guide.”

just below the download link.