CUDA and Visual Studio 2015

I’ve installed Visual Studio 2015, but when I try installing CUDA version 7, it tells me that it can’t find any supported versions of it to integrate with. What should I do?

Also, it tells me that it will replace my current Display Driver. What exactly does that mean for using my computer? I was hesitant to install it because of this.

Visual Studio 2015 isn’t supported. Use one of the supported configs instead.

You can learn the supported configs by looking at the windows getting started document:

Your computer should still be usable after your display driver is replaced. If you’re concerned about this, you’ll need to provide more information such as what display driver you have currently installed on your machine, and which GPU you have.

Is there a way to bypass this by changing MSVC toolset?

I just upgraded from msvc2005 to 2015 and among my projects I have one that I would like to compile with cuda4.2.
Is this possible?

I haven’t tried in a while, but I think I managed to get it working a few years ago with a different version… let us know how you fare.

I am new in cuda, and I am working with visual studio 2015. When is planned to support visual studio 2015?

There is already a thread for this topic which has been created RECENTLY, it’s more effective to bundle requests there than to start new threads…

Please see my reply on following thread for updates:

CUDA v7.5 samples will not even load into Visual Studio 2015!

VS2015 has been out since July 2015 and 5 months later no support.

This is urgently needed! VS2015 provides some major advances that developers must use.

When will CUDA be available for VS2015? Respond NVidia.