Is Cuda Toolkit 9 working with a VS 2017 version > 15.0 ?

Seems like the final cuda toolkit 9 version has been released recently.

In the release notes at , it is mentioned:
“CUDA Compilers. Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (starting with Update 1) support is beta. Only the RTM version (vc15.0) is fully supported.”

For me, that means the newer updates of VS 2017 (latest update has version 15.4, see are NOT supported by Cuda Toolkit 9 .

Did anyone had success with a VS 2017 version > 15.0 and Cuda Toolkit 9 (final) ?

Update: Just compiled some of the more complex CUDA SDK samples (like HSOpticalFlow) with CUDA Toolkit 9.0 and Visual Studio 2017, update 15.2

The samples compile and run nicely. So I don’t know what the difference between ‘beta support’ and ‘full support’ is, I suppose it is just a minor difference maybe for corner cases.