CuDA and opensuse 11.2

Hi guys,

i have in my pc opensuse 11.2 with gcc4.4 preinstalled in my machine. I have a FX1800 graphics card. I installed cuda drivers and the sdk. I tried now to compile the sdk examples and i take the usual errors that i see in others posts. I know about the incompatibility of gcc44 ,and thet from the nvidia the sdk examples are for opensuse 11.1 .so what should i do? I mean if the sdk examples cannot be compiled ,can i compile mine? What should i do?


Presumably you know the workarounds for getting to SDK to compile with gcc 4.4 - essentially comment out the offending declarations in math_functions.h. Although advised by tmurray that my approach is not sound, I have not experienced any problems so far. I am using OpenSuSE 11.2 with gcc 4.4 in commercial developments and it just works.

Thnaks.Is there any link where can i find these declarations that i have to comment out?