CUDA Compiler SDK


on it reads that there is an compiler sdk available with examples (e.g. Kaleidoscope, a simplied programming language example).

However, I did neither find this in the Cuda Toolkit 5.5 Release nor any other download where this is included.

Can you point me to the sdk (including example code), please?


The CUDA Compiler SDK is available as part of the CUDA Registered Developer Program. You can sign up to become a registered developer at [url][/url].

I am signed up as a registered developer there.

However, it reads: “Use the CUDA Compiler SDK to […]. This is now part of the CUDA Toolkit and not available as a separate download.”

The Compiler SDK is indeed available as part of the CUDA 5.5 Toolkit.

You should see a “nvvm/” directory at the top-level of the CUDA toolkit installation that contains include files, libraries (libnvvm, libdevice), and samples. The “doc/” toolkit directory also contains several documents relating to these components.

On my Windows box, here is the path to the nvvm directory after installing to the default location:

C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v5.5\nvvm