Develop without Visual Studio?


I just downloaded and installed CUDA on my Windows XP system. In the SDK, I see various sample applications - like options pricing, etc.
When I run the SDK browser, I can run these applications, too.

I have 2 questions/issues:

a) Can I make any code changes to these sample applications, and rebuild and run them? I don’t have microsoft visual studio installed.

B) When I try running nvcc, I get an error message - something like “compiler cl.exe not found in path”

Any help will be appreciated.


The cuda programming environment compiles codes a little differently. First of all cl.exe is a process info for Microsoft® C/C++ Compiler Driver. (like mingcw for gcc etc)
The nvcc compiler compiles the cuda section of the codes and while normal c/c++ codes are handled by cl compiler.
I hope that helps and answers both your questions


You need to run this from a command prompt that has the Microsoft compiler in the PATH.

If you don’t currently have Visual Studio installed, then installing the Microsoft Windows SDKs will give you the required compilers.


I have similar questions:

1-Is it necessary to have Microsoft Visual studio for compiling CUDA programs ?

2-And what if I am running from Linux ?

3-Why is CUDA dependent on Microsoft’s products?

4-Is there any substitute for MV Studio because my laptop has Celeron Processor and MV Studio makes it very slow.

Thanks in advance

1-No, install Windows SDK to get what you need.

2-Then CUDA uses gcc, or the c compiler you choose.

3-It’s dependent on a compiler for the C/C++ code.

4-You can use any editor you want, as long as you have a compiler nvcc can use for the C/C++ code.

@martiert can you please describe the process or share link to do process for making build using windows SDK.

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