compiler executable

I know this is a really stupid question but i am just about to start on my CUDA journey so bear with me.
What is the name of the compiler executable?
Ie what do you type in to compile your CUDA files?

Also i am running temporarily off a machine that doesnt have a nvidia graphics card but i still want to run CUDA for the sake of things, will this work?, ie will the CPU do all the work for me?

We include make files that call the nvcc front-end and work with gcc on linux and provide visual studio project files for use with nvcc integrated into dev studio 2005.
Install the toolkit and then the SDK. The SDK has the make files and visual studio projects for about 50 source code examples

I dont have visual studio. Can it work with something like DevCPP?

you can use the free visual studio 2005 express edition

well i have done that and it compiles fine.

the problem i have now is that it says that it ‘cannot find a cuda supported device’ which is weird cause i have a 8500 GT and have installed the device driver from the cuda download area.

anyone have any idea why my device cant be found?

This guy seemed to have the same problem - he found the solution in this forum:…rted-with-cuda/

Does his solution help?