cuda cross aarch64


I start a project on Jetson device and I actually install the building tools and define the build flow.

I want to cross build and cross debug on Jetson development boards (actually a Nano to test building flow).

I read the section “6.1. CUDA Cross-Platform Installation” in the user guide, but I cannot find the package cuda-repo-cross-aarch64_all.deb to download.

I search more on the CUDA repository ( and I found some cuda-cross-aarch64 package but only for cuda 8.0 (e.g.

Is there any cuda-cross package for aarch64 target architecture for last version of cuda or I may use cuda 8 ?

Do you have a more detailled procedure to setup a cross building/debuging computer ?

Thanks in advance.


You can try this project.

The Sdk manager installs the .deb files in it’s download folder on the host pc. They are also in a tarball somewhere but I recall it being well hidden, or at least it took me ages to find it on Nvidia’s website. I know the documentation page you are referring to. The location really should be specified bit it’s not.

Re workflow: I set up a script to export the environment variables and the like that I source when I want to build. Other than that, I find sshfs useful for mounting a remote, live, rootfs.